We Are Black Lotus

My name is JoShá Silk, founder and President of Black Lotus Foundation. I started this movement to encourage, enlighten and uplift my people and build our communities. I love Black (Pan-African) people, and I want us to all live in our glory and thrive, radiate and be vibrant.

Black Lotus will create an opportunity for us to establish a black economy through entrepreneurship. I encourage each and every single one of you to chase your dreams and follow your passions. Leap, even when you are afraid to fly. You never know how your passion and pursuit of happiness can motivate and inspire others. Even if you touch one person, you have made your impact. That is what this foundation will do. I hope to mold and supply all in need with the tools to define their legacy.

So what do you want yours to be?

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I love you and keep flying! ♥